Episode 21 – Favorite Movies Elimination Discussion

In this episode, we had a lot of fun with our main segment by debating each others’ favorite movies until there was one movie remaining. We also review HBO’s newest limited-series “The Night Of”, talk about the craze of Pokemon Go, and mention a few upcoming concerts we’re excited for.

Download the episode here.

Next episode: We analyze the action/crime film Italian Job (2003).

Summer Box Office Challenge – UPDATE


Rob’s team is completed and he has a total gross of over $500 million. Meanwhile, Mike is in second place at the moment with about $311 million, with Sausage Party remaining. Justin rolled heavily on the late August momentum and still has four films left on his team. Can he overcome the $150 million deficit to surpass Mike for second place? He’ll need Suicide Squad to be an absolute smash hit, and for Jason Bourne to repeat its Bourne Ultimatum numbers, but it is certainly possible. Stay tuned!

Episode 20 – GoT Season Finale Discussion

In our 20th episode, the guys from War on Pop Culture showcases their main segment: a huge conversation on the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale. But that’s not all! We also review Finding Dory, go over some entertainment news, preview the potential Emmy award nominations, and duke it out with some Flickchart match-ups. Strap yourself in, this is one bumpy roller-coaster ride of an episode!

Download the episode here.