Episode 11: #OscarsSoWhite

In this episode, we discuss a bunch of things we’ve been watching such as Sicario, Carol, Straight Outta Compton and some TV. We jump into an Oscar Awards discussion leading with #OscarsSoWhite and then break down the frontrunners for Best Picture and Best Director. We conclude the episode talking about some TV shows we’re looking forward to watch in 2016, plus the NHL All Star Game.

1:48 – Narcos (Mike)
2:45 – Master of None (Rob)
3:55 – Fargo Season 1 (Mike)
7:56 – Sicario (Rob & Justin)
11:23 – 50/50 (Rob)
11:45 – Carol (Rob)
13:48 – Straight Outta Compton (Mike)

15:35 – #OscarsSoWhite
25:45 – Frontrunner for Best Picture
28:20 – Best Director Race
31:35 – Oscar Bowling

35:05 – What to Watch on TV

45:40 – NHL All Star Game/John Scott
46:33 – Petryszyn joins us

Download the episode here.



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