EP04-01 – Fantasy Football Movie Draft


Rob and Mike return with a Fantasy Football Movie Draft. Only picking players from football movies, Rob and Mike battle it out while picking players they would want on their team.

Here are the results:


Ernie Davis – RB (The Express)
Brian Murphy – TE (The Replacements)
Joe Kingman – QB (The Game Plan)
Bobby Boucher Jr. – Linebacker (The Waterboy)
Michael Oher – Offensive Tackle (The Blind Side)
Buddy – WR (Air Bud: Golden Receiver)
Nigel Gruff – K (The Replacements)
Vince Papale – WR/Special Teams (Invincible)
Eric Taylor – Head Coach (Friday Night Lights)


Shane Falco – QB (The Replacements)
Rod Tidwell – WR (Jerry Maguire)
Charlie Tweeder – WR (Varsity Blues)
Becky “Icebox” O’Shea – Linebacker (Little Giants)
Forrest Gump – Kick Returner (Forrest Gump)
Charles Jefferson – Defense (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
Billy Bob – Offensive Guard (Varsity Blues)
Adam Sandler – K (“The Lonesome Kicker”)
Herman Boone – Head Coach (Remember the Titans)

Let us know who picked the better team!

You can download the episode here.


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